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MEETUP POSTPONED!! Single Payer in CA, PGE's monopoly grab & OFA

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MEETUP POSTPONED!! Single Payer in CA,  PGE's monopoly grab & OFA



EAST BAY Democracy For America

You have the Power: California needs to lead!

Now that the Congress has passed their version of healthcare reform, it’s time for California to step up and lead the way to better healthcare for all. Seven million Californians are uninsured and millions more are underinsured- some of those will be covered by the Federal program, but not all. We need to pass a better bill –healthcare for all using single payer.

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Come to the April EAST BAY DFA Meetup and get energized. The RSVP information is listed below.

Our Meetup this month is being co-sponsored by East Bay Young Dems (

April 14 – 2nd Wednesday
Rockridge Public Library
5366 College Ave.

6:30 pm Socializing & Pizza
7:00 pm Meetup begins

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Come to our April Meetup.

Single Payer is possible in California this year. What will it take to pass?

Prop. 16 ( a June ballot initiative funded by PG&E’s will prohibit municipalities from participating in generating local electricity under the guise of another voter choice (2/3 majority vote) barricade.

Organizing for America’s Northern California’s field director will be here and we can ask him about where grassroots activists fit into OFA’s plans for this year.

Real healthcare reform is now up to us. We know we made a start, but its not enough.

… The objections that we raise to this health care bill, the demands that we make that it be improved, that we in fact reform the reform – that’s what’s going to give us a health care systems that is humane, that is decent.
John Nichols of The Nation on Bill Moyers’ Journal

The federal healthcare bill will increase access, but it still leaves millions uninsured, millions who will look to mass clinics like this one for their health care. This failing reaches directly to our priorities and values – where do we want to spend our money in California. That’s where SB 810, Mark Leno’s California Universal Health Care Act comes in. We just need a few additional votes in each house to pass this bill and then override Schwartzenegger’s veto.

If you get to the late chapters in your Econ 101 textbook, you find stuff about possible market failures due to: lack of information; market power, monopoly power; and the various reasons (capitalist) markets can fail. And the thing about health care is that every single one of those market failure arguments applies with a vengeance with healthcare.
Paul Krugman of the NY Times on CNN

Join us to discuss what steps are being taken at the national and state level. Don Bechler from Single Payer Now will help sort out the many spokes on the wheel that are working for real reform.

PG&E has a monopoly on distributing electricity in much of Northern California. They want to keep it that way.

PG&E has stated it plans to spend up to $35 million on this monopoly protection scheme, named the "New Two-Thirds Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers.” Prop 16 would amend the Constitution to require local governments to obtain a 2/3 super-majority voter approval before issuing public financing for a Community Choice energy program or for extending a public power utility.

When PG&E discussed this Proposition with Wall Street, they didn’t discuss protecting the taxpayer, or the people’s right to vote on taxes. They presented it as a way to squelch competition. To be more blunt, the big business anti-climate policy leaders, the California Chamber of Commerce, are also supporting the case for Prop. 16.

EB Young Dem’s ( want to make sure this measure fails at the ballot box.

Organizing for America played a big part in putting pressure on Representatives to pass healthcare reform.

In 2008 Obama for America members walked precincts and made phone calls around the country. A campaign fueled, in large part, by grassroots activists who were new to political campaigns. After the election, it changed its name to Organizing for America and was quickly brought into the DNC fold. With Tim Kaine and not Howard Dean heading up the DNC, where does that leave grassroots activists and how much input will there be from the bottom up?

Jeff Harry, OFA’s N. California district director, started with Obama for America as a walk in volunteer and worked his way up to being the CD 9 neighborhood team coordinator before moving on to work in Oregon. He recently quit his day job as a mechanical engineer to take on the district director’s role – at about 1/3 his previous salary. He clearly believes that OFA can make a difference.

We’ll get a chance to ask him what OFA has to offer activists beyond just doing the grunt work that all campaigns need. One of the questions we’ll be asking is how the information gathered at the grassroots gets fed back up the chain of command. That was a big issue even within the Presidential campaign. Its got to be much more difficult now.

“Never separate the life you live from the words you speak.” - To quote former U.S. Senator, Paul Wellstone

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April Meetup:

April 14 – 2nd Wednesday
Rockridge Public Library
5366 College Ave.

6:30 pm Socializing & Pizza
7:00 pm Meetup begins

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Here is an event Sponsored by the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club ( for next week. East Bay Democracy For America encourages you to be part of the solution. Now is the time to take action!

Wasting Live & Money in Afghanistan: an evening with Reese Erlich and Norman Solomon.
Reexamining a failing U. S. policy in Afghanistan

■ Eight and a half years after the U. S. invasion of Afghanistan,
■ Over 1,000 deaths of U.S. personnel,
■ countless Afghan deaths,
■ and a commitment of yet another 30,000more troops,

We are squandering the nation’s wealth when our resources are gravely needed elsewhere.

Reese Erlich is a veteran investigative reporter widely published in print, on radio and television. Norman Solomon, a long-time peace & justice activist, serves on the national advisory board of Progressive Democrats of America.

Thursday, April 8 7 to 9 pm Humanist Hall, 390 27th St., Oakland (

If you think your going to be active in the campaign for Single Payer, there’s a workshop scheduled for next week. The class is designed to help activists campaign for SB 810. It’s on the same night as the Wellstone event so you’ll need to make a choice.

Thursday, April 8
6:30 to 8 pm
2467 28th Ave., San Francisco, ½ block south of the Taraval Muni

East Bay DFA believes you, as leaders of change, need to use information wisely and effectively to keep democracy thriving.

You’ve got the power!

United we Meetup: Tara, Frances, Vincent, Yvonne, Janet F, Mark, Norman and Carolyn - Your DFA Meetup Team
Rockridge Library
5366 College Avenue · Oakland, CA
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